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IT Consulting and Development

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Established in 2020, our journey is fueled by a passion for innovation and a dedication to empowering businesses. Serving a growing community of users, we specialize in crafting dynamic digital solutions tailored for today's challenges and tomorrow's opportunities. Our commitment is to drive transformation and growth for businesses in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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Data Analytics

In the realm of Data Analytics, our expertise encompasses a suite of cutting-edge tools including SAP BW/4HANA, SAC, Power BI, Tableau, and SAC Planning. We are adept at leveraging these technologies to convert complex data into actionable insights, enhancing business decision-making and growth. Our proficiency in these platforms allows us to offer tailored analytics solutions, featuring advanced data warehousing, interactive visualization, and sophisticated planning functionalities. We focus on aligning these solutions with specific business objectives, ensuring data-driven strategies that not only respond to current needs but also pave the way for future advancements and market leadership.

Key Areas of Expertise in Data Analytics:


Advanced data warehousing and real-time analytics.

SAC (SAP Analytics Cloud)

Integrated analytics and business intelligence.

Power BI

Interactive data visualization and business insights.


Leading tool for data visualization and dashboard creation.

SAC Planning

Comprehensive planning and analysis in SAP Analytics Cloud.

Cyber Security

In the rapidly evolving field of cyber security, our consulting services offer comprehensive, proactive solutions to safeguard digital assets. We specialize in integrating robust security practices into organizational culture, protecting against modern cyber threats. Our approach involves detailed assessments, advanced training, and expert consultancy, tailored to each organization's unique needs. We provide specialized services like penetration testing, compliance readiness consultancy, and incident response, all designed to fortify your security infrastructure. Our experienced team is committed to delivering exceptional support and maintaining strong client relationships, ensuring your cyber security needs are met with precision and expertise.

Top Cyber Security Services:

Cyber Security Assessment

Evaluating and improving preparedness against cyber threats.

Cybersecurity Training

Equipping IT staff with cutting-edge threat management skills.

Cyber Security Consultancy

Offering tailored consultancy for optimal security solutions.

Penetration Testing

Conducting comprehensive tests to identify and rectify vulnerabilities.

Compliance Readiness Consultancy

Helping businesses meet regulatory and security standards.

Incident Response

Providing effective solutions for cyber breach containment and recovery.

Web Development

Web development involves creating websites and web applications. It encompasses various tasks, including web design, web content development, client-side/server-side scripting, network security configuration, and more. Here's an overview of key aspects of web development:

Front-end Development

Back-end Development

Full-stack Development

Frameworks and Libraries

Responsive Design


Testing and Debugging

Deployment and Hosting

AI/ML Powered Solutions

AI & ML automation services typically encompass a range of solutions designed to enhance business processes across various industries. These services leverage the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate routine tasks, provide deep insights from data, and improve decision-making processes. Key focus areas often include predictive analytics, process automation, data analysis, and personalized customer experiences. These solutions are tailored to specific industry needs, such as healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and finance, offering custom applications like disease identification, predictive maintenance, customer behavior analysis, and fraud detection.

Main Focus Areas:

Predictive Analytics

Using AI to forecast future trends and behaviors based on historical data

Process Automation

Automating routine and repetitive tasks to increase efficiency and reduce errors

Data Analysis and Insights

Deep analysis of large datasets to extract meaningful insights and inform business strategies.

Personalized Experiences

Tailoring customer interactions and services using AI-driven personalization techniques

Industry-Specific Applications

Custom AI solutions for sectors like healthcare (disease diagnosis), manufacturing (predictive maintenance), and finance (fraud detection)

Enhanced Decision Making

Assisting businesses in making informed decisions based on AI-generated data and predictions

GIC (Global inhouse connect )

Intellicrux offers Remote Inhouse GCC , a service where they build efficient, agile software development and data processing teams tailored to a company's specific needs. This approach aims to enhance technology development by integrating these remote teams with the company's in-house staff, optimizing performance, and speeding up market entry. Key benefits include cost-effectiveness, innovation, control over team management, and retaining intellectual property rights. The service ensures quick recruitment and team building, seamless integration with existing operations, and flexibility in team size based on business requirements.

Global in-house centres or offshore captive centres, have been in a popular norm since the Y2K boom in 2000, and have been a successful model for businesses, across verticals. However, while the GIC and offshore captive centres offer greater propriety, operational and management control, lower cost of operations and risk ownership, it is marred with functional challenges like understanding local socio-cultural sensitivities, delivering timely results, and having access to the expert talent pool, which was a part of the parent company.

Key Points of Services:

Deliver more value

Staff Augmentation


Implementation and support


IT Consulting

In the dynamic field of IT consulting, our services are designed to navigate and resolve the complex technological challenges faced by modern businesses. We specialize in delivering bespoke solutions that enhance efficiency, drive innovation, and ensure operational excellence. Our approach combines a deep understanding of industry trends with a commitment to leveraging the latest technologies, ensuring our clients not only adapt to the evolving digital landscape but also lead in their respective fields.

Top IT Consulting Services Based on Current Trends:

Enterprise Data Consulting

Managing, analyzing, and extracting actionable insights from big data.

Cloud Transformation

Guiding businesses through the transition to cloud-based solutions.

Enterprise Software Testing

Ensuring software reliability and performance through comprehensive testing.


Implementing robust, multi-layered security solutions for digital asset protection.

Enterprise Application Implementation

Customizing and deploying enterprise-level applications like CRM or ERP

Every Part of Your IT Ecosystem. Taken Care Of

Comprehensive care of your cloud or on-premises infrastructure and applications:





Help desk service


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We IT-enable all kinds of B2B, B2C interactions and internal operations.

Data analytics

Cyber security

Web development

AI/ML Powered Solutions

GIC (Global inhouse connect )

IT consulting

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Why Businesses Choose ScienceSoft

Comprehensive care of your cloud or on-premises infrastructure and applications:

3,600+ success stories.

1,220+ happy clients.

1,220+ happy clients.

An inspired, close-knit team of 750+ IT specialists, including IT consultants, project managers, technical architects, developers, QA engineers, security and DevOps engineers, AI and blockchain experts, AWS and Azure professionals.

Partnerships with Microsoft and AWS.

A quality-first approach based on a mature ISO 9001-certified quality management system.

ISO 27001-certified security management based on field-tested security knowledge, ever-green policies, effective processes, advanced security technology, and skilled professionals.

Building Trust with Transparency

Outsourcing to another company, however reputable it is, always comes with a risk. The best we can do as a vendor to lower that risk is to be completely transparent about who we are, what we do, and where we have succeeded. At ScienceSoft, we bet on facts rather than promises — that’s our first step to building trust.




Help desk service

Industry Expertise

We IT-enable all kinds of B2B, B2C interactions and internal operations.

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Why Businesses Choose ScienceSoft

Comprehensive care of your cloud or on-premises infrastructure and applications:

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